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Accelerating Your Business: Exit Planning is Not What You Think

The process of helping a business owner create a significant company, that also aligns to their personal and personal-financial goals, has evolved over the past several years. Today, the Value Acceleration Methodology is the most widely accepted and endorsed process in the advisory space. For the financial advisor, this procedure puts you on the core team and establishes a clear personal-financial planning path for the business owner. This path aligns with the business owner’s company’s needs and begins to significantly drive value across all “3 legs of the stool”: business, personal, and financial.

This session will introduce the core methodology and process, as well as help define exit planning concepts and its definition.

Accepted for one (1) hour of continuing education by CFP Board.

Thursday, June 10, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Time


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Scott Snider
Exit Planning Institute

Scott Snider is the Vice President of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) and the Operating Partner of Snider Premier Growth, a small family investment company.At EPI, Scott is responsible for the strategic direction of the organization along with overseeing the company's operations and chapter development. Since joining EPI, Scott has expanded the organization, providing a transformational educational experience to advisors from all specialties across the globe.

Scott is a nationally recognized industry leader, growth specialist, and lifetime entrepreneur.Two of Snider's biggest talents: market penetration and rapid growth strategies.As the operational and strategic leader of EPI, Snider thrives on helping advisors learn how to education clients, achieve market distinction, and deliver real results.


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Jun 10, 2021 Exit Planning is Not What You Think Scott Snider This episode of ABY we will introduce the core methodology and process, as well as help define exit planning concepts and its definition. During this session, participants will: - Understand why exit planning is business strategy. - Be introduced to the concepts and fundamentals of the Value Acceleration Methodology - Review of marketplace need and opportunity. - Explore what value comes from focusing on the 3 legs of the stool. 11:00 A 1.00

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