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Hosted by FPA of Tampa Bay

Estate Planning and Charitable Giving Seminar

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The importance of continuing professional education should not be underestimated – it is a career-long obligation for practicing professionals. It helps ensure you continue to be competent in your profession. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional's career.

  • Continuing Education ensures that you and your knowledge stay relevant and up to date. You are more aware of the changing trends and directions in your profession.
  • Continuing Education helps you to stay interested and interesting. Experience is a great teacher, and online education is inexpensive and easy. Focused CPE opens you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas.
  • Continuing Education helps advance the body of knowledge and technology within your profession
  • Continuing Education can lead to increased public confidence in individual professionals and their profession as a whole

Friday, August 26, 2022
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time


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Bryan Clontz, PhD, CFP®, CAP, AEP
President & Founder
Charitable Solutions LLC

Aug 26 2022 10:00AM

Top 10 Charitable Trends Every Advisor Should Know

Although charitable giving is constant, the approaches to it, strategies behind it, and impact of it continually evolves.
These top 10 trends have completely changed the charitable planning landscape. What are the hot vehicles and assets right now? How will demographics change charitable planning? What kind of grade should advisors get in working with clients on charitable plans? How are charities and advisors dealing with ubiquitous charitable planning information? These are just a sampling of the provocative topics that will be covered.

Attendees will learn about tax planning opportunities under recent tax acts, popular gift vehicles and assets, motivations for giving, engaging clients across generations, and more.

Denyve Boyle, MBA, CFRE
Senior Director of Philanthropy
Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Sheila Kinman, CAP
Senior Vice President - Philanthropy
Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Aug 26 2022 11:00AM

Charitable Giving and Estate Gifts

This session will explain how the Community Foundation works with individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to facilitate charitable giving locally and nationally. The presentation highlights seven non-cash gift illustrations and several Community Foundation charitable giving fund vehicles.

Robert W. Tiller, MPH, CFP®, CFS, RFC
Tiller Enterprises, Inc.

Aug 26 2022 1:00PM

Old Dogs, New Tricks. Connecting Across the Generations.

Wealth is transitioning every day. Cultivating relationships with current clients and the next generations of their families is challenging. Each generation has a different perspective. They have different habits, different communication styles, a different way of consuming things. The ability to bring younger generations into the financial fold increases the value of the service you provide to your clients, which can deepen your relationships and improve your advice.

In this session we will discuss everyday multi-generational planning opportunities and how to implement them to sustain and grow a financial advisory practice. 
Learn how three-generation planning ideas for heightening family fulfillment may also enhance legacy retention and business expansion regardless of client net worth.

Aug 26 2022 2:00PM

Ethical Issues When Lawyers Serve on Nonprofit Board

This seminar will educate attorneys on the ethical concerns that arise when lawyers serve as directors for Florida nonprofit corporations. After providing a brief overview of the fiduciary duties nonprofit directors owe, the presenter will discuss how attorneys can, sometimes inadvertently, serve the dual roles of director and attorney for the organization, and the rules of professional conduct that are implicated

After attending this seminar, attendees will:
1. Understand how to satisfy fiduciary duties of directors serving on Florida nonprofit corporation boards;
2. Understand and be able to identify ethical issues that arise when lawyers serve as directors on nonprofit boards.

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