Help with the Event Calendar

The Calendar page searches for events, shows information about events and allows making reservations.

Left Side Menu and Navigation Buttons

My CE Transcript

The CE Transcript is a report of your attendance at an event session that had approved continuing education credits.

Clicking My CE Transcript will prompt you to sign-in if you are not already signed-in. Then, if you are viewing an event's details, your CE Transcript will appear for that event. If you are not viewing a specific event, then all qualifying events will appear on your CE Transcript.

Finding Events

The Calendar Search page has two ways to find events: All Events - Hosted By and Advance Calendar Search.

All Events - Hosted By

The top dropdown list of All Events displays all events for the selected Hosted By organization. Select an event to display its details. Select another Hosted By organization to rebuild the All Found Events list.

Show Advance Search

Check the Show Advance Search to display the Calendar Search options.

Calendar Search

Select your choices from the dropdown lists of Starting Year & Month, Location City, State, Zip Code, or Approved Continuing Education (CE) Credits.

Starting Year & Month - Select the event's starting year and month. One choice is always the current month. Other choices appear only when the month contains at least one event.

Location City - Select event's location city name. The top (blank) selects all cities.

State - Select event's location state name. The top (blank) selects all states.

Zip - Select event's location postal zip code. The top (blank) selects all zip codes.

Approved CE Credits - Select the event's number of approved continuing education (CE) credits. The top (blank) select all approved CE credits.

After selecting your choices on the dropdowns, then click Show the Dates button. Search results are shown in the three-month calendar. Each found event displays a highlighted link on their date. Hover over the link to see a tooltip that gives the event's title.  Click any date link for details and to register for upcoming events.

Three Month Calendar

Click any event date that shows as a link. This views event details. The details (see viewing an event, below) allows also making a reservation for an event. An event date link only appears on calendar dates of events. Hover the pointer over the date link to see a ToolTip that shows the event's name.

Viewing an Event

When the Calendar page displays an Event Detail panel, the Calendar Search button is visible to click to return to the Calendar Search page.

An event may show many or few details, according to the amount of information available for the event. Information may include:

  • Hosting organization
  • Starting and Ending Date and time
  • Event Name
  • Description and Additional Details
  • Logo or Photo
  • Featured Speakers
  • Location
  • Pay Now, by credit card
  • Speaker Profiles
  • Agenda, including session descriptions
  • Sessions, including accepted continuing education credits
  • Approved Continuing Education details
  • Registration Fee
  • Reservation Options
  • How to submit Questions or Comments
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Sponsor logos, links, and information
  • Extra event detailed information possibly including photos or logos from speakers
  • Extra information with the Reservation Confirmation, such as payment methods

Viewing Event Session and Approved Continuing Education Credit Details

Approved Continuing Education (CE) Credits are displayed for sessions that have been approved (accepted) for credit.

Credits that are still being evaluated for approval by an accrediting organization are not displayed. Many accrediting agencies prohibit the advertisement of potential credits.

Accepted CE hours show in Green. Hover your pointer over CE hours to display a ToolTip with CE details or other information.

Instead of hovering and reading CE detail in ToolTips, you can optionally click Approved CE Details and view all approved CE details in a table.

Approved CE Details may show multiple rows of sessions. If the same session appears on multiple rows, it indicates more that one type of approved continuing education credits are available for this single session. If different session names and IDs appear at the same start time, this indicates that you will choose later which session to attend and will receive credits only for the sessions you attend.

Finding More Information

A More Event Details link may appear after About The Event description. If available, this links to a website or site that gives further details about the event.

Every event allows you to ask a question or submit a comment by Web page form. A Question or Comment by Email button may also appears if the event has a support email address associated with it. Clicking Question or Comment by Email opens a new mail message using your email program.

Making a Reservation

Reservation options are available for events that have not past their reservation cut-off date or start date.

There may be up to six ways to make a reservation. One or more of the following options may appear, according to options available and applicable for the event. Chose just one when you make your reservation.

  • One Click Reservation
    • Sign-in is required
    • You can request a password if needed
    • We automatically select one regular meal and one reservation for you
    • Immediate Web page confirmation, including the calculated total fee due.
    • You can optionally print the confirmation
  • Type-in Web Form
    • Sign-in is not required
    • You can optionally request multiple reservations
    • You can optionally request special needs, such as a vegetarian meal, where applicable
    • You can optionally include comments and/or special instructions
    • Immediate Web page confirmation
    • You can optionally print or FAX the confirmation
  • Send an E-mail
    • Use your own email application on this computer
  • FAX
    • A type-in form that you can complete, print and FAX to the number indicated
    • Optional immediate email confirmation
  • United States Postal Service Mail
    • A type-in form that you can complete, print and mail to the number indicated
    • Optional immediate email confirmation
  • Telephone
    • Information required to call in your reservation to the phone number indicated.
    • Optional immediate email confirmation

Preferred method for Reservations: One Click

The One Click method immediately enters a reservation for this event, timestamps your reservation and provides a unique confirmation number. You will be asked to sign-in if you haven't already. If you don't have a password, instructions are provided on how to receive a password.

After making a One Click reservation, you can print the online reservation confirmation page. The confirmation calculates all charges and discounts. If available, a link on the confirmation page will allow optional online payment.

If you are not sure if you have a reservation for this event, you can select One-Click Reservation and a message will inform you if you have an existing reservation.

Registration Fees

When applicable, basic member and non-member fees are listed. Any early registration discounted fees are listed by their respective dates. Some events may show an additional charge and description. Any additional session fees are not shown here, but are itemized on the reservation confirmation. The One Click Reservation option will calculate and show all charges and discounts.

Calendar Help for Administrators

The Calendar page displays information and options that have been entered on the administrator's Event page. Administrators should see their Event page Help for instructions about how event information is displayed on the Calendar page.

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