Help with Secure Server

A portion of information on this website is suitable for public viewing and is accessible by the public. Viewing some information requires sign-in and specific security privileges. Certain documents are also hidden from Internet search engines and website 'hackers'.

Enter highly secure information (like credit card or bank account numbers) only after confirming that you see https:// starting the page's address in the address line of your browser. If the page address starts with http://, then the connection is not secure and a hacker could steal the information in transit.

It takes a highly-skilled hacker to capture information in transit. For your protection, never approve nor add any information that contains highly secure information, unless you see the https://.

The https:// indicates that the website has purchased encryption technology and has registered their identify with the proper Internet authority. This is called "acquiring a secure server license".

If this website does not display the https:// , it can be upgraded to a highly secure environment (like bank and credit-card transactions) by contacting technical support and requesting an upgrade to a secure server license.

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